SBZ has a dedicated trading team that focuses on servicing its wide client base, and also in engaging with both retail and institutional investors on a regular basis.

SBZ has established close trading and brokerage relationships with international brokerage firms and institutional investors. Particularly, SBZ has fostered strategic relationships with:

  • Auerbach Grayson, based in New York, United States of America, provides access to the United States and European institutional investors;
  • Imara Africa Securities, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, provides access to African and other foreign institutional investors; and
  • Exotix Securities, based in London, United Kingdom, provides access to European institutional investors.

Sponsoring Broker Services

SBZ currently acts as sponsoring broker for over 75% of the companies listed on the LuSE, and facilitates the interpretation of the LuSE Listings Requirements, the review and facilitation of the regulatory approval of corporate actions or announcements, and other such services involving compliance with the LuSE Listings Requirements and the Securities Act.