Maxime Harlaar, Securities Trader

Securities Trader

Maxime is a Securities Trader with SBZ focusing on engaging both local and foreign retail and institutional investors. Prior to joining SBZ, Maxime had assisted with a number of capital market promotions under the Lusaka Stock Exchange, such as the campaigning and promotion of the LuSE Alternative Market, and the LuSE 20th Anniversary Capital Market Week in addition to participating in the promotion of financial literacy activities in collaboration with the Bank of Zambia.

Maxime has also been involved in the organizing of a number of listing ceremonies and events, such as the official listing ceremonies of Madison Financial Services Plc in 2014, and the ZMW 265 million IZWE Loans Zambia Limited, the ZMW 100 million Focus Financial Services and  the ZMW 150 million International Finance Corporation Medium Term Note Programmes on the LuSE.

Maxime also plays a role in administering information in SBZ’s and SBZ collaborative publications, such as the SBZ Daily and Weekly Market Reports.