Share Trading on the LuSE – keeping it Simple, Seamless and Faster!

SBZ seeks to demystify the process of investing via the Lusaka Stock Exchange – by making share trading simple and fast, and ensuring that client orders and instructions are executed seamlessly with priority.

On a daily basis, SBZ produces the Stock Market Bulletin which captures share price movements on the LuSE and has now become an industry reference news source.

Trading on the LuSE

The LuSE runs an electronic automated trading system (ATS). The ATS provides order matching of BUY and SELL orders on the basis of price and time as key criteria.

Who can Trade on the LuSE?

Domestic retail and institutional investors trade on the LuSE
Foreign retail and institutional investors trade on the LuSE

Central Share Depository

From inception in 1994, the LuSE has operated an electronic Central Share Depository system (CSD). The CSD gives LuSE capacity to offer settlement on T+3 basis. All settlement is on Delivery versus Payment basis (DvP) – and is simultaneous and irreversible.

Custody and Transfer Secretarial Services

Two banks, namely Stanbic Bank Zambia and Standard Chartered Bank Zambia provide custodial services in the CSD for international clients such as global fund managers.

Transfer Secretarial services are provided by the following companies:

Corpserve Transfer Agents Ltd

Your Support Team

SBZ has a dedicated trading team of 3 Traders persons that provide front office service and support to clients seeking to trade in shares on the LuSE. The SBZ traders engage with retail and institutional investors, both domestic and international on a daily basis. Through a diverse and global network of fund managers, SBZ can connect investors with the Zambian stock market.


Whether you want to invest in your future or your family’s, we got your back with our brokerage and trading services.

Sponsoring Broker Services

SBZ currently serves as sponsoring broker for many of the companies listed on the LuSE. As Sponsoring Broker, SBZ serves as the intermediary between the listed companies and the LuSE and provides the listed companies with hands-on support regarding compliance with the Listing Rules and related regulatory requirements and attendant corporate actions or announcements.