What we do – and offer

As a Dealer in securities, licensed by the SEC Zambia under the Securities Act, SBZ provides corporate finance advisory services (investment banking/merchant banking) to corporates in Zambia.

Since 2004, SBZ has initiated and pioneered several landmark transactions to fit the needs of our clients and align to the requirements of the Zambian market.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of skilled professionals and together with our international strategic partners stand ready to engage and explore opportunities to meet our clients need.

The range of services covered by the Corporate Finance Division includes the following:

Capital raising for listed and unlisted corporates – via debt and equity instruments
Valuations – of listed and unlisted corporates in support of mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, brokerage research
IPOs – in support of listings on the LuSE
Mergers, Acquisitions, and disposals

We are 100% aligned with our clients request – for your GROWTH and SUCCESS